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Support Project Teams

Wether you are at the beginning of a new journey or in the middle of complex project, we can support you to reduce the clutter and to improve collaboration in virtual or colocated teams.

Support HR

Identifying necessary skills and competencies, developing a career path for project managers or rolling out a new training program for the global project management community? We know the challenges. Let us support you so you can support the project management in your organisation effectively. And maybe we discover that you might not need job descriptions, career paths or even project managers.

Strategy & Leadership

Is there a need for strategy in times of VUCA and digitalisation? How must leaders adopt? Lets talk about it. And find out how your organisation can benefit from these trends.

What else we provide?

Global coverage

We work globally for a variety of different clients and organisations. Some are part of global corporations in Singapore, others are small non-profit groups in Bangladesh.

Free coffee

Visit us in Bonn, home of the #COP23. We are a virtual company – so we use one of the cosy co-working spaces downtown. 🙂 Get a cup of coffee and let us talk about how to improve project business and cooperation.

Let’s talk

How can we help to create more value from your project business?

Our Philosophy

We’re convinced that decent work can make the world a little bit better: the results can change things for the better, people can change and develop together: there is more value created than just money. We work together with organizations, teams and leaders to make this happen.
And we can contribute by designing project work in a proper way, enabling people to takle complex and difficult projects and by supporting decisions about the right tools and methodologies.
We believe that projects and teams are more than just a business case, they are opportunities for people to learn from each other and to create something new.

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Digitalisierung und Netzwerkmanagement

Inzwischen ist unser Artikel zum Thema „Digitalisierung und Netzwerkmanagement“ erschienen und zum Download verfĂĽgbar. Der Beitrag ist erschienen im Rahmen der Schriftenreihe PROKOMpakt. PROKOMpakt ist der Titel einer von der TAT Technik Arbeit Transfer gGmbH herausgegebenen Heftreihe, die in unregel­mäßigen Abständen Basis­wissen und Informationen zu den Kernthemen des Verbund­vorhabens PROKOM 4.0 behandelt. Nähere Infos auf der Webseite des […]

PM Training fĂĽr Freiberufler, Agenturen und Netzwerke

Wir bieten Projektmanagementtrainings speziell fĂĽr Agenturen, Freiberufler und Netzwerke an. Im Zentrum stehen visuelle Planungsmethoden, die Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit im Team (auch wenn nicht alle im selben BĂĽro sitzen) und die einfache Anwendung von traditionellen Planungsmethoden im hektischen Alltag kleiner Unternehmen. Zwei Tage, die das Leben leichter machen und SpaĂź bringen. Ihr lernt intensiv und […]

Business Models for Teams

Business Model You is a great success, the book helped people to redefine their career and is used by hundreds of career coaches to support their clients identifying their personal business model. The greater part of readers and users are working in an organisation, in a big international corporation, a small or medium sized company […]

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