Learning & Development Opportunities

To create these learning & development opportunities for my customers, I specialized in topic areas based on my experience and competence.

Design and Delivery of Complex Leadership Programs
Our learning journeys focus strictly on the desired competency level and your business needs. We deliver a combination of challenging content, small and flexible virtual learning units, demanding classroom settings, and individual coaching opportunities.
Design and Facilitate Project Workshops

Workshops are important elements of a successful teamwork in project organization. They help to involve all stakeholders, create rooms for the definition of roles and rules and support a transparent and committed planning. In agile projects they are key elements of fast delivery and team satisfaction. Together with my customers I help to develop a focused workshop design and support the discussion by a professional facilitation.

Virtual Classroom Settings

To deliver fast and flexible learning experiences I offer virtual trainings and workshops. I have more than ten years of experiences in designing and conducing virtual trainings.

Virtual Training: Remote Teamwork
More and more teams work remotely. They can work globally and engage people across borders, silos and locations, but they often lack the commitment and productivity necessary for a satisfying collaboration. Based on discussions with teams and individuals during my trainings and workshops four different areas emerged as especially importing for a decent collaboration in virtual and remote teams. I can support teams who are about to start remote collaboration with a customized virtual training.
Strategic Coaching

To talk to a coach can open new perspectives for individuals and teams. I coached project teams and leaders to clarify complex situations and to identify options for a change. As a Sociologist I am able to analyize complex organisational systems quickly and to let my coachees develop new opportunities.

Organizational Network Analysis

Traditional hierarchical organisation became less and less important to address actual business needs. The more complex markets and environments evolve the more important are agile and projectorised organisations and network based collaboration internally and externally. I can support organisations analysing existing internal and external network structures and to leverage them to initiate and design a change for a more agile and self-organising structure.

Transition and Change

Let your leaders and team members participate in decent training formats, learning from each other, facilitated by an experienced trainer and coach.

What participants say …

It’s a 21st century workshop with state-of-the-art content, instructions, tools and techniques on how researchers should collaborate and network. I will recommended it for all my fellow PhD researchers.

The workshop content reflects the current research and real-life information on companies with proper case studies on the importance as well as the pros and cons and essence of collaboration and networking among researchers. The whole content of case study analysis and presentation of participant made the whole content come alive and we were fully immersed in the content.

Workshop Feedback