How Corona is Affecting Business and Life

COVID-19 changed rapidly the way how we have to communicate and learning & development activities are deeply influenced. And it has a massive impact on my business. Basically all scheduled trainings have been canceled until summer and I’m adjusting my plans for the rest of the year almost daily.

Everybody is affected by this situation, my nephew is in quarantine, my brother is working in a hospital, and I am very thankful for all the people dedicating their full energy to help and take care of others: doctors and nurses, all stuff members who are necessary to keep a hospital running. People working in grocery stores, and other colleagues who are not able to stay at home: bus drivers, garbage men, workers in power plants, police, fire brigades … Some of them have been former participants and clients and I am in contact with some of them to speak about their actual situation. We see a lot of examples where people are supporting each other and where voluntary help is organised. This is also a social crisis. People with lower incomes and demanding living conditions are affected even more.

Most of us have to work from home. Some are enjoying it, for others it it is a real problem. They are feeling isolated, have to deal with demanding children and to organise a family life. I am in the same situation. Some can step back and can enjoy life at a slower pace, for others this is very stressful, they might be worried about their job, business and the future of their family and employees.

At the moment nobody knows the economical and social impact for our societies, companies and families and I hope we will come back to normal in a few month, but then maybe we will stand together more closely, we will be more conscious about the way our economy is working and about our values and priorities.

Right now I am in contact with clients and colleagues to identify where we can offer virtual alternatives to scheduled classroom trainings, which topics we can discuss in online coachings or virtual team workshops. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you would like to discuss learning & development opportunities in this unique situation.

I wish my clients and colleagues, their families and friends all the best for the upcoming weeks and months. I hope we can stand together with solidarity and mutual support.