Business Models for Teams

Business Model You is a great success, the book helped people to redefine their career and is used by hundreds of career coaches to support their clients identifying their personal business model.

The greater part of readers and users are working in an organisation, in a big international corporation, a small or medium sized company or even in a non-profit organisation – so it is not only about a personal business model. The question is also: how to align individual business models with team models and how to combine team models in one common organisation.

That is the idea of our new book: „Business Models for Teams“, written by Tim Clark and Bruce Hazen, supported by a bunch of professionals from all over the world, also myself. Even so the book will only be published in June you can get a sample already: This sample is a 63-page, full-color PDF file of actual pages from Business Models for Teams, our collaboratively created work. Please have a look: Register for Preview!


The new book will be released in June by Portfolio/Penguin, the business imprint of Random House, the world’s largest publisher. Foreign rights have already been sold for Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal). Plus, Yves Pigneur wrote an introduction describing the origins of the Canvas. Wow!

The book has value especially for HR departments, team leaders and managers who would like to give their teams the possibility to develop a more agile and independent team culture. Feel free to send me your ideas and comments.

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