How can I help developing people and giving them the opportunity to grow?


Career paths do not matter too much in our days. But increasing challenges and competency levels do.

Your teams work globally in diverse constellations and therefor inspiring leadership is essential not only for direct reports but it is crucial for project teams, too.

Our learning journeys are strictly focused on the desired competency level and your business needs. We deliver a combination of challenging content, small and flexible virtual learning units, demanding classroom settings and individual coaching opportunities.

Virtual Classrooms

I’m  convinced that individual and virtual learning is important and can deliver value whenever and wherever it is needed.

But people do not work alone. Developing leaders means to let them network, learn from each other, being challenged by a diverse learning group and demanding and experienced coaches.

Cooperation will be more important in future: to support each other and to navigate a team in times of transition and change. 

Workshops & Facilitation

Workshops are important elements of a successful teamwork in project organization. They help to involve all stakeholders, create rooms for the definition of roles and rules and support a transparent and committed planning. In agile projects they are key elements of fast delivery and team satisfaction. Together with my customers I help to develop a focused workshop design and support the discussion by a professional facilitation.

So how can I help?

2020 Certified Live Online Trainer, TÜV Süd
2013 Certificate „Strategy Development“, BDU/European Business School
2010 Certified Scrum Master CSM, Scrum Alliance
2010 Certified Leadership Circle, GPOP
2004 Project Management Professional PMP, PMI
2001 certified Trainer (LC)
1997 Dr. phil. (Sociology)
1992 Certificate Facilitation, FH Münster
1991 Magister Artium (Comput. Linguistics, Philosophy, Sociology)
Lead Consultant Process and Strategy Management (Utilities)
Senior Consultant International Blended Learning Programm Design Senior Project Manager (Engineering)
Lead Consultant PM Process Design for several customers (Medical, Engineering, Software, …)
Lateral Leadership Program Design (Pharma)
Senior Consultant International Leadership Development Program (Automotive)
Training and Workshop Design and Facilitation for several customers (Engineering, Software, Medical, R & D, …)
and several other inspiring projects

Structured, focused and clear
20+ years business experience as a freelancer
I like agile working and working in networks
Digitalization is an opportunity
There is a difference between New Work and Decent Work.