How Corona is Affecting Business and Life

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way we communicate, and learning and development activities have been deeply impacted. This situation has had a massive effect on my business. Nearly all scheduled trainings have been canceled until summer, and I am adjusting my plans for the rest of the year on an almost daily basis.

Everyone is affected by this situation. My nephew is in quarantine, my brother works in a hospital, and I am incredibly grateful for the dedication of all the healthcare professionals and essential workers who are tirelessly helping and caring for others. This includes doctors, nurses, hospital staff, grocery store workers, bus drivers, garbage collectors, power plant workers, police officers, firefighters, and many others. Some of them have been former participants and clients, and I am in contact with some of them to discuss their current situation. We see numerous examples of people supporting each other and organizing voluntary assistance. This crisis also highlights social issues, as those with lower incomes and challenging living conditions are disproportionately affected.

Most of us are now working from home. While some enjoy the flexibility, others find it challenging, dealing with isolation, demanding children, and the need to balance family life. I am in the same situation. Some can take a step back and appreciate a slower pace of life, but for others, it is very stressful as they worry about their jobs, businesses, and the future of their families and employees.

Currently, no one knows the full economic and social impact on our societies, companies, and families. I hope that in a few months, we will return to normal, but perhaps with a greater sense of togetherness and a deeper understanding of how our economy functions, as well as our values and priorities.

I am currently in contact with clients and colleagues to explore virtual alternatives to scheduled classroom trainings. We are identifying topics that can be addressed through online coaching or virtual team workshops. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss learning and development opportunities in this unique situation.

I extend my heartfelt wishes to my clients, colleagues, their families, and friends for the upcoming weeks and months. I hope we can stand together with solidarity and mutual support.

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Business Canvas For Teams

Business Canvas For Teams

Business Models for Teams

Business Model You is a great success, the book helped people to redefine their career and is used by hundreds of career coaches to support their clients identifying their personal business model.
The greater part of readers and users are working in an organisation, in a big international corporation, a small or medium sized company or even in a non-profit organisation – so it is not only about a personal business model. The question is also: how to align individual business models with team models and how to combine team models in one common organisation.
That is the idea of our new book: „Business Models for Teams“, written by Tim Clark and Bruce Hazen, supported by a bunch of professionals from all over the world, also myself. Even so the book will only be published in June you can get a sample already: This sample is a 63-page, full-color PDF file of actual pages from Business Models for Teams, our collaboratively created work. Please have a look: Register for Preview!
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Remote Teamwork

Working Successfully in a Remote Team

More and more teams work remotely. They can work globally and engage people across borders, silos and locations, but they often lack the commitment and productivity necessary for a satisfying collaboration. Based on discussions with teams and individuals during my trainings and workshops four different areas emerged as especially importing for a decent collaboration in virtual and remote teams. You can download a copy by right-clicking on the picture.

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